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Comparing Synthetic And Real Wood Roofs

As far as residential upgrades go, the roof is one of the smartest investments you can make. That is, just about any home will benefit from a new roof. A new roofing material is going to drastically change the look of your home, but it is also going to improve a lot of things about the functionality of your home. Of course, different roofing materials are going to perform differently, especially in regards to energy efficiency and insulation. Read More 

How To Find Signs That Your Asphalt Roof Needs Replacement

Your home is a place of refuge from the elements. When your asphalt roof is compromised, you can expect those elements to enter through major roof leaks. This seepage can discolor walls and ceilings, not to mentions damage to personal property in the house. Worst of all is the electrical hazard posed by a leaky roof. Here are some signs your asphalt roof is in trouble:  Cracks in Your Tar Sealant Read More 

3 Important Things To Ask Before Hiring A Roofing Contractor

Do you have a roof that's in need of repairs? Are you planning to hire someone to fix it for you but you're not quite sure how to pick who should do the job? Your roof may be the most important part of your house. Without a functioning roof to protect everything, your house would soon fall into disrepair. Because of this, finding the right contractor for the job is extremely vital. Read More 

Have You Recently Had A Roof Look? The Signs Of Mold You Should Be On Alert For

Mold does not need a lot to thrive. But one of the elements that must be present in order for it to grow is water. If you have had a roof leak, you may develop mold issues where the moisture came into contact with items that may hold mold spores and support its growth. Unfortunately, after a roofer repairs a roof leak, it can be hard for them to determine if mold is present if the leak has not been present for long. Read More 

3 Signs Of A Roof Problem That You’ll Find Indoors

A visit with a senior relative always yields insight into your family history. While this visit is a great chance to bond, you also should be alert for signs that your aging relative needs some help around the house. This season, make sure that their house's roof is capable of withstanding the oncoming rough weather by looking for these signs that a roof problem is beginning to cause problems inside of the house. Read More 

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roofing questions answered

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