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Relatively Minor Problems That A Roofer Fixes For Homeowners

Roofing contractors provide a broad range of repair services, including for relatively minor problems. Some repair work can be considered proactive for preventing leaks that might occur otherwise. Other types of projects help resolve unpleasant aesthetic issues that have developed over time.


People who take pride in their home's appearance are understandably dismayed when black streaks begin to appear on top. They often are unsure about what causes this discoloration, which may look like mildew. 

These black stains actually are algae growing on the shingles. A roofer eliminates the streaks with a combination of bleach and water applied through light power washing. Some scrubbing may be required. If a roofer does this to your roof, you may want to cover landscaping plants directly below with a tarp so the bleach does not harm them.

Next, the contractor installs zinc strips at the peak of the roof above the problem areas. Now, when rain falls, the wet metal releases ions that flow down the shingles. The ions stop algae growth.

Moss and Lichens

These look the same as they do on rocks, landscaping lumber, and trees. Lichens and moss hold moisture against the shingles, which can gradually cause deterioration. A related problem is blocking sunlight that would otherwise quickly dry the shingles after rain. This unwanted plant growth also detracts from the quality of the roof and can make the home look neglected.

Roofers can manually remove clumps of moss and lichens before spraying the same bleach solution they would use on algae. Moss is easy to pull off, although it can be a tedious process when many small clumps have appeared. Scrubbing is required to remove lichens.

Leaves and Other Debris

If you haven't been diligent about clearing leaves, pine cones, and seeds out of roof valleys, the debris can pile up and stay damp. Those organic materials cause similar issues to that of lichens and moss. Shingles need to dry out after rain or they eventually start to disintegrate.

The roofing contractor can clear all debris off the roof while at the property, but as the homeowner, you must take charge of this in the future. If any shingles have rotted and are falling apart, the roofer can order new ones and replace them at a later appointment.

Making Contact

To resolve these problems, you may contact a reputable roofer through their website or by phone. The contractor can offer additional suggestions to keep the top of the home in excellent condition. Since roof replacement is one of the biggest expenses in home improvement, many property owners want to keep the shingles completely functional as long as possible.

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