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The Real Impact That Hail Can Have On Your Roof

Your roof is designed to protect your home from various weather damage, which includes hail storms. Unfortunately, many homeowners underestimate the damage that can be caused by these small pellets of ice. Here is what can happen to your roof after a hail storm.

Missing Granules

If you recently went through a mild hail storm, there will not be any extensive damage caused to your roof. However, those small chunks of hail can rain down on your shingles with enough impact to cause the granules to become loose. The purpose of the granules is to provide thermal protection to your roofing material and your home. With missing granules, your roofing material can start to deteriorate prematurely. You may notice singles that have dried out and curled upward, or shingles that now have cracks in them.

In addition to losing valuable protection due to a hail storm, your roof won't look nearly as nice as it once did. There can be color inconsistencies that are very noticeable from the street, which ruin your home's curb appeal.

One way to fix this problem is to have new granules applied to the roofing material. This is a job best left to a professional roofer, who will know how to get the granules to stick to the surface. It is also possible to replace individual shingles that have a lot of damage, but you could end up replacing more shingles than you thought you would one you dig into this repair.

Indentation Marks

You'll likely notice several dark spots along your roof's surface after a recent hail storm. These are places where you have an indentation due to the force of the hail that impacted the surface. The shingles have actually compressed inward, which caused enough damage that the integrity of the shingles have been compromised. When the shingles are removed, you may notice that the plywood underneath is also damaged, which puts your home more at risk of having a leak.

If you happen to notice these indentations, it is worth having a professional inspect your roof to determine how much damage was really done. They may discover that part of the roof need replacement immediately to give you the protection that you need, or if certain shingles are damaged and require replacement.

It's hard to tell how much damage has been caused by hail when you're unfamiliar with it. When in doubt, reach out to a roofing contractor for a professional opinion.

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