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Proactive Roof Replacement Tips For First-Time Homeowners

Handling home repair issues is one of the most frightening parts of purchasing your first house. When the needed repair is a big one, like having the roof replaced, the process can become even more stressful. According to recent information from the construction industry, a total roof replacement on an average home typically costs a little more than $7,500, but high-end homes could cost quadruple that amount or more. If you are a new homeowner worried about the condition of your roof and unsure of how to proceed, here are some proactive tips. 

Was the roof in poor condition when the home purchase was made? 

As a first-time homeowner, the first thing to do when concerned about the condition of the roof is to determine the problem, the cause, and when the problem began. If the roof was in poor condition at the time of the purchase and the problem was not properly disclosed, the seller, real estate professional, or home inspector may bear some responsibility for paying for the repairs. First-time homeowners who unknowingly purchased a home with a roof in poor condition may want to discuss their situation with a real estate attorney to determine their best options. 

Is the condition due to storm, hail, snow load, or wind damage? 

Roof condition issues that directly relate to a weather incident, such as hail damage or damage to the supporting structure of the roof due to snow load may be covered, in all or part, by your homeowners insurance policy. Even if your copy of your policy does not precisely stipulate this type of coverage, homeowners should still discuss the matter with their agent to see if the policy will cover at least part of the cost of replacement. When doing so, homeowners should also be sure to ask if making this type of claim will cause them to experience an increase in their premiums so they can also factor that information into their decision. 

Must the entire roof be replaced or is a temporary fix possible? 

Many first-time homeowners are still attempting to build an emergency fund to cover large home repairs. When something like replacing the roof is needed before the fund is large enough to cover it, looking for temporary options can help. For instance, if only one portion of a roof is leaking, opting to repair just that one section can help buy a few months or even a year to save the rest of the money needed to pay for the roof replacement. 

Is there a less-expensive repair option? 

Another way to make a seemingly impossible roof replacement possible is to determine if a less-expensive repair option is available. Some good examples of this include opting to leave the existing shingles in place and roof over them with another layer of shingles and opting to add metal roofing materials on top of the existing roof. 

Additional ways to save on the cost of a roof replacement can include: 

  • choosing to do your own shingle removal or site cleanup to save labor costs
  • looking for applicable rebates and tax credits from local, state, or federal agencies
  • seeking assistance from income-based community organizations who assist homeowners in paying for needed home repairs 

It is important to also get bids for the repairs from several roofing contractors in your area. When doing this, remember that while the cost of the estimate is very important, it should not be the sole reason for accepting one bid over another. Quality and the satisfaction level of previous clients should also be factored into the decision. 

To learn more about roof replacement, contact one or more reputable roofing companies and ask them to view your roof, offer you an opinion on its condition, and submit their bid for your consideration. 

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