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Three Steps To Changing The Roof Design On A New Home

One of the advantages of a new home is being able to move into the house immediately. If you are looking to purchase a home, new houses also offer the benefit of never having a previous owner so you know that everything inside of the home will come showroom new. Though the home may be a new build, there is always room for improvement in a home, especially if you see a structure that you do not like. One of the structures that you should change to fit your needs before moving in is the roof. If you are not happy with the roof, you should look into getting the roof changed with a little bit of help. Here is a step-by-step guide to changing a roof design on your new home. 

Have an architect make a mockup

One of the best ways to determine how a new roof will look at your new home is to have a computer mockup made with an architect. The architect can produce a 3-D layout of the exterior of the home and show you how your roof ideas will translate. If you want to take down the pitch of your roof or transition to a flat roof that allows for rooftop access, you can see how these ideas work before executing them. Once you have your finalized idea, you can have the architect create plans for the new roof so that your construction company can get started. 

Reappraise the home

Any improvements done to a home will affect its value. This can increase or decrease the value of the home. Once the work is almost complete, have a home appraiser come and take a look at both the plans and the new roof. The appraiser will be able to give you a new valuation for your home. This number can be important for both tax and insurance purposes, so be sure to get official paperwork from the home appraiser after the inspection. 

Have an insurance inspection

Your insurance company will do an inspection after the new roof of the home is put on. This is especially important for a new build that has never been insured before, as they may be starting from scratch with your insurance quote. Give the inspector the new plans for your home and have them look at the walls, roof, and the foundation to make sure that every structure is on the up and up before providing an insurance quote.

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