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Party On The Roof? What To Do About Wild Animals Invading Your Home Via Eaves And Overhangs

Your home should be your sanctuary, a place of rest and relaxation; however, if you have animals roaming your rooftop, it's anything but. Whether you're tucked away in the quaint woods of the countryside or in the suburbs, where feral creatures are being seen more and more frequently, wild animals coming too close for comfort is a big problem for homeowners everywhere. Although you might prefer to declare detente with the creatures surrounding you, as opposed to fighting them off, this isn't really a situation you can ignore.

How To Know For Sure You Have A Roof Pest Problem

You hear things going "bump" in the night and could swear there are footsteps pitter-pattering on your roof, but is your mind playing tricks on you? Are you mistaking normal sounds from outside as something more sinister inside? Animals find all kinds of ways into your home and can live comfortably-ever-after by making a bed or nest in your attic, so it's definitely worth investigating, rather than thinking it's all in your head:

  • Look for droppings up in the attic.
  • Check for disturbances inside that indicate an animal is making its own arrangements, such as a collection of acorns or your items piled in a way other than how you left them.
  • Examine your attic on a bright day to see if sunlight is penetrating through the roof, which is a good sign that animals can, too.
  • Evidence of gnawing may abound, like old lamp cords chewed up in the attic or other, more important wires running through the walls.
  • If you're able, get on the roof and see if you spy new openings or worn-away areas that an animal could use as an entry point.
  • Those odd sounds you're hearing should be considered further proof that you have a situation where animals are coming into your home through the roof.

What To Do About The Problem

Because animals can multiply quickly and do a significant amount of damage to your home, you want to solve this problem quickly. Also, you need to get a good night's sleep, and you can't do that with critters crawling on the roof and through the attic. Once you've identified the issue, you need to take immediate action:

  • Document your findings, especially anything that can help you identify the type of animal you're dealing with.
  • Contact a wildlife removal service if you're sure the creatures have become permanent residents of your attic.
  • Call a roof repair company at once to locate the animal entry points and repair them.

Although the animals themselves may be your priority, any holes they create or enlarge also mean potential damage to your home and its contents, along with possible mold hazards from water seeping in. This problem extends beyond a raccoon family or squirrel's nest, and you need to approach it as such, with the help of a professional. While you might think you can simply seal a few holes yourself, the caulking will likely be dried out and cracking before long, necessitating further repairs. Help from a professional who knows how to perform the quick and permanent fix-ups you need to solve the problem once and for all is most likely in order.

Preventing Roof Invasions In The Future

After your roof has been adequately repaired, you'll want to take measures to prevent the return of any of these animals. Since they're going to be existing around your neighborhood indefinitely, take the initiative to politely discourage them from coming back:

  • Inspect or have your roof inspected regularly, looking for damaged gaskets, sealers, shingles, flashing, and more.
  • Contact your roofing company right away if you see any signs of the animals returning.
  • Install (or hire someone else to install) animal-proof screens on all your vents, both on the roof and sides of the house.
  • Keep branches away from your roof by trimming them often, so animals aren't given a quick lift to your rooftop.
  • Avoid having trees too close to your home that produce fruit that may attract animals.

Don't delay dealing with a wild animal problem in your home. You need to deny them access right away and consult with a professional roofing company, like Landmark Roofing, to ensure you've sealed entrances for good. Hopefully, you'll be able to resume the course of peaceful sleeping and pleasant living soon thereafter.

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