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3 Problems Commercial Roofs Frequently Encounter

It is common for commercial buildings to utilize flat roofs. However, commercial building owners will frequently be unaware of what caring for this type of roofing will require. Therefore, you may benefit from learning about the more commonly encounter flat roof problems.

1. Pooling Water

Puddles of water forming on the roof can be a very serious problem for a flat roof. This is because this water will be unable to run off the roof, which can cause the puddle to grow in size. Eventually, it could be possible for the pool of water to be large and heavy enough to cause structural damage to the roof supports.

Often, these puddles will form due to slight indentations in the roof or clogged drainage systems. Repairing these matters will be essential for limiting the damage to the roof as it will likely worsen. This is particularly problematic during the times of the year when there is frequent rain as the puddles may not have enough time to fully dry.

2. Blistering

Rubber is commonly used for large flat roofs as it is a very durable and cost-effective material. One of the problems that rubber can be prone to suffering is blistering. This occurs when small amounts of water can get below the surface of the rubber. As the water evaporates, it will put pressure on the roof, which can cause it to stretch out in some areas.

This problem can rapidly worsen if it is not repaired due to the stretched out portion of the roof being more prone to allowing moisture to penetrate it. Eventually, these blisters will allow moisture to start leaking into the interior of the building, and it is necessary to have these sections of the roof patched to avoid this type of damage.

3. Pest Damage

There are a number of pests that can cause extensive damage to a flat roof. Birds are one of the more common pests that will target flat roofs as these surfaces will make excellent locations for nests. Additionally, squirrels will often tear up portions of the roof to get materials for their nests. Lastly, there can be insects that may build nests on your roof, and this can cause damage by trapping moisture or the pests leaving acidic droppings.

Regularly treating the roof with pesticides will be an important method of limiting these potential hazards and problems. You may want to check the roof frequently during the spring and summer months as these are the times of the year where these pests will be the most active.

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