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What's Looked At During A Roof Inspection?

Is your existing roof getting up there in age? If so, you may want to get a roof inspection done. The roofing material has been exposed to many years worth of wind, rain, and UV exposure, and the chances are that it is not in its best condition. A roof inspection will let you become aware of potential problems before they become serious concerns. Here is what your roofing contractor will look for during a roof inspection.

The Attic

A lot can be learned about your roof by actually looking at what is happening underneath it. It is easy to identify holes due to light that shines through to the attic during the day. Leaks can also be easy to find due to mold growth and damp insulation.

However, the attic's condition should also be a concern. Part of the inspection will be to verify that the attic has proper insulation and ventilation for the space. Not having these two items in place will cause hot spots on the roof that lead to other problems, such as ice dams in the winter.

The Shingles

Shingles made out of asphalt will naturally degrade as they get older, but you still need to take steps to repair them when there is noticeable damage. The key is to check for indications that the shingles are curling, cracked, lifting off the roof, or have missing granules. Shingles that are crooked or missing should also be fixed. Algae or moss growth could have decayed shingles underneath it, which makes it more than just an aesthetic problem.

The Roof Deck

You can't get a close look at a roof deck due to the shingles on top of it, but a roofing company can still inspect it. A roof deck in good shape is going to feel solid when walking across it. Rot can cause a roof to feel bouncy due to the damage on the surface. Any weak parts of the roof deck will need to be further investigated so that the roof deck can be repaired.

The Flashing

Flashing is an essential part of a roof since it keeps the water out from places where the roofing material meets an item that protrudes from the roof. This includes a chimney or ventilation pipes. Loose flashing needs to be secured back to the surface, and damage flashing needs to be replaced. Repairing existing flashing can be done by using caulk to secure the flashing to the surface once again.

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