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Choosing A Smart Roof Material

Roof replacement is one of the most popular home remodels. However, it is very consequential when it comes to the overall style and energy efficiency of your home. That is, you need to be very particular and well informed about any product you choose because it can have such a big impact on the cost of running your home, and the overall value of it.

Why Roof Replacement

9 times out of 10, replacing your roof is going to increase the value and efficiency of your property. New products have better insulation and potential buyers are going to be attracted to a home with a new roof. Of course, if you choose an impractical product that is not properly insulated for your climate, it could actually reduce the value of your property. At the same time, if you choose a product that is just ugly, and nobody else likes (except for you) t will also reduce your property value.

Choosing a Smart Material

Basically, it is best to play it safe and choose a conservative material. But, this does not mean that you can't choose something extremely stylish. For instance, terra-cotta is one of the most stylish, yet affordable roofing products on the market.

Why Homeowners Love Terra-Cotta

The best things about terra-cotta are that it is affordable, available everywhere, and practical for just about any climate. It has decent insulation ratings, meaning it can be practical in just about any climate. If you do live somewhere with extremely hot or extremely cold weather, you might need to invest in more insulation on your roof deck. But, this is something you would probably need to do, no matter what roofing material you're going to install (depending on where you live).

Different Terra-Cotta Styles

There are many different types of terra-cotta. Of course, the look of raw, pink clay is always desirable. It evokes the look of Italian and Spanish architecture that is popular all over the world. There are also many terra-cotta products that are painted and/or glazed. These finishes protect the terra-cotta even further and shield against water. A painted terra-cotta product can add a splash of color to your home and make it more unique. Some glazed finishes have a shiny finishes, but matte finishes are the most sought after and look more natural.

It is easy to see why terra-cotta tiles are so popular for residential properties. Visit a site like for more help.

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roofing questions answered

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