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Three Things That Can Void Your Roof Warranty

Commercial roofs are expensive. It can cost over $42,500 or more replace a damaged roof. Not only are you paying for the materials, but you're paying for the labor required to put the roof in place. Thus, it makes sense to ensure you obtain a warranty to avoid paying or repair costs unnecessarily. Be careful, though, because you can inadvertently void your roof's warranty by doing one or more of these three things.

Not Conducting Regular Inspections

Sometimes it seems like it's always the simple things that cause the biggest problems and, in this case, not inspecting your room on a regular basis can result in a voided warranty. Many companies that provide roof warranties require clients to periodically inspect the roof for damage, because it's the best way to catch problem early. The earlier an issue is addressed, the cheaper and faster it generally is to repair. Thus, if you fail to inspect your roof as required and it incurs significant damage that could've been prevented, the roofing company may void your warranty.

Regular roof inspections just make sense, warranty or not. So, it's a good idea to go topside at least once per year to see how the roof is fairing. It's also wise to inspect the roof after major weather events, such as heavy rain and snow, hurricanes, and other types of storms that may throw debris around that can damage your roof. Additionally, you take the opportunity to also clean the roof of leaves and standing water, both of which can lead to leaks.

Installing Equipment on the Roof

Antennas, satellite dishes, and solar panels can help you save money, manage your business better, and provide additional services to your customers. However, they can result in a voided warranty even if you hire professionals to install the equipment for you. The reason is because this equipment generally requires you to drill holes in the roof to secure it to the surface, and these holes can lead to leaks from rain and snow.

In many cases, the roofing company will simply exclude the affected part of the roof from coverage. For instance, if you have a satellite dish installed, the company will exclude the section underneath the dish from being covered by the repair clause in the contract, meaning you'll have to pay out of pocket for any damage that occurs in that spot because of the satellite dish. Sometimes, though, the company will void the entire thing if the affected area is big enough (as may be the case with solar panels).

It's possible to avoid having your warranty canceled by contact the roofing company prior to installation of the equipment. The roofer may have a workaround that protects your warranty and minimizes the risk of leaks.

Using the Wrong Chemicals and Equipment to Clean the Roof

It's a good idea to clean your roof periodically to get rid of debris and substances that affect its lifespan and how it looks (e.g. moss and mold). However, you have to be careful and choose only roof-friendly methods to do it. Some methods cause irreparable damage to the shingles, membrane, and other parts of the roof and cause the roofing company to cancel the warranty as a result.

For instance, one mistake many business owners make is using a pressure washer to clean the roof. This is the worst thing you can use, though, because the high water pressure can severely damage the material and even cause shingles to fly off. If the roofing company learns the damage to the roof was cause by a pressure washer, it generally will charge you to repair it.

Be sure to check with the roofing company for the most appropriate ways to clean the area to avoid these kinds of problems.

For more information about roofing warranties or to have a damaged roof repaired, contact a local commercial roofing company. 

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