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Reasons You May Need To Replace Your Windows

If you own your house for long enough, there will likely come a time when it is necessary for you to replace the windows. For new homeowners, it can be easy to overlook the full range of reasons why it may be necessary to undertake this type of work.

Moisture Damage

Water damage can be one of the more common reasons for needing to replace the windows of a home. Over time, water may start to seep in around the edges of the window frame. This can allow the frame, interior walls, and insulation to develop rot. You may be able to reduce your risk of encountering this source of damage by regularly replacing the weather stripping that is installed along the edges of the window. This weatherstripping will drastically reduce the ability of water to seep behind the frame, but it will be prone to breaking down. Every few years, you should inspect the weatherstripping around your windows to make sure that it is free of substantial wear and tear.

A Desire For Improved Performance

As your windows age, they will start to suffer a range of performance problems. Often, these problems will be due to the frame developing small gaps in it. Whether these gaps are between the moving parts of the window or the frame and the rest of the house, they can allow for a sizable decrease in performance due to allowing drafts to develop. These performance decreases can both reduce your comfort while increasing the heating and cooling costs for the entire house. In addition to addressing these issues, you may also be able to achieve performance improvements by upgrading to dual-paned windows with an insulating gas between the panes of glass.

Improved Aesthetics

You may want to update or otherwise change the appearance of your home, and replacing the windows can be an excellent way of helping you to achieve the look that you want. While you may assume that this only involves changing the style of the window frame, it can also involve more fundamental changes to the window. For example, you can use this opportunity to increase the size of the window. If you plan on committing to an upgrade that will require structural changes to the window, you should always leave this work to an experienced professional. It can be easy to make mistakes during this complicated process that could cause serious performance problems for your new window or contribute to serious damage to the home.

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