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2 Practical Roofing Materials

You can spend a lot of time and money over the years repairing your roof. If you have an old roofing material that is constantly leaking, and needs frequent repairs, it might be time to just invest in a new product. Roof replacement is a sizable investment, but it is one that eventually pays for itself when you consider how dramatically it can increase the value of your property while also reducing your utility bills. This article explains what roofing materials homeowners should shop for if they are interested in the most practical and energy efficient roof.

Synthetic Products

When it comes to energy efficiency, you really can't go wrong with synthetic products. Ceramic tiles are probably the most popular synthetic roofing material. These tiles, are specifically designed with climate in mind. That is, you can find the same style of tile in a range of different climate and insulation ratings. So, if you are a buyer in Alaska, you are probably going to have a different set of choices than a buyer in Southern California. However, the manufacturer will probably offer the same styles. So, they look the same, but they have different thickness and construction to account for different insulation needs.

It is also important to realize that synthetic tiles come in a variety of different styles and shapes. That is, you don't need to only look at traditional tile styles. You can find ceramic tiles actually have the shape and print of wooden shingles. These are great for a roof because the prints can look very realistic from so far away. Since your roof is high up in the air, and far away, the fake prints actually look pretty good. When you look at them up close, you might think that they look fake and tacky, but you have to remember how they will normally be viewed.

Clay Tiles

Clay tile roofs are another popular and affordable choice for most homes. However, clay roofs don't have the long lifespan and durability of synthetic products. They also aren't the most energy efficient in cold climates. They do have good heat transfer ratings, meaning that they work well in hot climates because the sun won't heat them up as quickly. Nonetheless, many people love the style of clay roofs, and the fact that they are so affordable.

Clay tiles are going to be cheaper than a comparable synthetic or ceramic tile. Either of these great products can be the perfect solution for your home if you are thinking aboutflat roof repair.

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