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How To Find Signs That Your Asphalt Roof Needs Replacement

Your home is a place of refuge from the elements. When your asphalt roof is compromised, you can expect those elements to enter through major roof leaks. This seepage can discolor walls and ceilings, not to mentions damage to personal property in the house. Worst of all is the electrical hazard posed by a leaky roof. Here are some signs your asphalt roof is in trouble: 

Cracks in Your Tar Sealant

Many roofs are sealed with tar against modern building codes. This sealant becomes hard and brittle when exposed to sunlight, causing the tar to crack and allowing water in. A modern asphalt shingle roof should not be sealed with tar. A skilled roofing contractor can replace damaged tar with metal flashing that will stand up to time and solar damage.

Shingle Granule Loss

Asphalt shingles are covered with rock grains that color and protect the roof. As the asphalt degrades from sun exposure, it begins to lose its coating, which allows cracking to form. This damage lets water seep into the home. Before this happens, you need to change your asphalt roofing.

Water Damage to Fascia and Soffit

The board running along the edge of the roof where the gutter attaches is the fascia board, and the soffit is the horizontal part of the roof under the fascia board. When the roof begins to leak, water can damage these areas. If they are covered in vinyl siding, mold will grow on the surface. This is a sign that the wood underneath is being exposed to water that eventually leads to rot. The contractor repairing your roof can repair these areas as well.

Spots on the Ceiling

When water has finally made it through the roof's protective barrier, it will begin to puddle on the top of your ceiling and seep through. This causes all kinds of discoloration, mold, and rot. If left alone for too long, you can have a real construction nightmare due to structural damage. It is best to contact a trusted roof installer quickly to prevent further damage.

Water and Electricity

A hidden leak can also find its way to an electrical wire. This can cause shorts and fires in your home where you least expect it. Signs of water reaching electrical wires include flickering lights, dead or malfunctioning outlets, unexplained smoky odors, dark marks around outlets, and many other general electrical issues. Call an electrician as well as a roofing contractor to make sure you don't have to deal with a house fire in the future.  

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