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3 Signs Of A Roof Problem That You'll Find Indoors

A visit with a senior relative always yields insight into your family history. While this visit is a great chance to bond, you also should be alert for signs that your aging relative needs some help around the house. This season, make sure that their house's roof is capable of withstanding the oncoming rough weather by looking for these signs that a roof problem is beginning to cause problems inside of the house.

Feel for Inefficient Heating and Cooling

Although roofing is primarily known for protecting the house from water damage, they also help to moderate temperatures indoors by providing a layer of insulation. Over time, the insulation on roofing materials begins to deteriorate. Missing shingles and broken subroofing materials also allow air to escape from the house. If your loved one's HVAC system is unable to maintain a consistent temperature in the house despite being in good repair, then have roofers check to see if issues such as rising utility bills may be a sign that the roof is damaged.

Stay Alert for Pest Control Problems

Critters such as squirrels and rodents prefer to nest in areas of the home that are rarely accessed such as the attic and inside of the walls. However, they must be able to find away into these areas, and a damaged roof is a common place they find access. During your visit, listen for noises such as scurrying or scratching sounds that come from the walls or ceiling because this indicates that a rodent may have found a way inside through a hole in the roof or missing flashing. If this is the case, then your loved one will continue to deal with pest issues until they fix the roof to eliminate entry points for the pests.

Look for Water Stains

A leaky roof often starts out small, and your relative may not have noticed the water coming inside their house if it stays in the ceiling materials. Walk around their house and check for signs of water damage around the ceiling such as bubbling paint or peeling wallpaper where the wall and ceiling meet. When you observe water damage inside, arrange for roofing services right away to prevent the issue from getting worse.

Show your senior relative some love this season by looking after their wellbeing. Although a quick check by you can reveal some obvious signs of roof damage, remind your loved one that their roof should be professionally inspected each year to catch problems before they cause serious problems. 

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