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Signs That Your Roof Should Be Reconstructed

Have you been patching up holes in your roof throughout the years without any professional work being done? Are you aware that a severely damaged roof can eventually cave-in and cause an injury or damage to the interior of the house? It is possible that your reached has reached the point in which it must be reconstructed, even if you are not worried about the current condition. Determining if the roof should be replaced should be left to a professional to decide, as he or she will know what to look for during the inspection. Below, you will learn about some of the things that might lead to your residential roof needing to be reconstructed.

Drooping Areas in Your Ceilings

Drooping ceilings are a clear sign that there is an accumulation of water beneath the roof deck. However, the drooping doesn't have to be the result of a bad roof. It is also possible that the water has accumulated due to there being leaking plumbing lines in your ceilings. A plumber can determine if the problem is related to the lines or not. It is ideal to hire a roofer for your specific situation because you already know that the roof is possibly in a severe condition.

Large Amounts of Mold on the Roof Deck

If you have a large amount of shingles or other materials missing from the roof, there might be mold growing on the deck. Mold growth is one of the worst things that can happen to a roof deck after prolonged water exposure. The reason why is because mold can eat into the wood and cause an extensive amount of damage. If the mold hasn't been present long, it can possibly be removed. However, if there is severe damage from mold, the deck will likely need to be reconstructed.

Multiple Water Leaks When it Rains

Do you have to place buckets beneath certain areas of the ceiling when it rains? If you are tired of patching up holes and using buckets to catch rainwater in your house, replacing the roof should be considered. You can find out if the holes can be repaired before actually investing in a new roof. Multiple holes is a sign that the roof deck is simple worn out and need to be reconstructed. It is possible that a new roof can be paid for under your insurance policy if you have coverage for your house.  

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