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3 Vital Things To Do After Your Roof Is Storm-Damaged

Has your roof recently been damaged by a storm? Do you fear that your roof may become damaged and you're not sure what to do if it does? Storm damage affects many people every year, all across the country. Properly responding to this damage can mean the difference between the damage being a relatively minor annoyance and it causing a major upheaval for your family. Some things that can and should be done when your roof has been damaged by a storm include:

Contact a roof repair company: Most companies that offer storm damage roof repair have 24-hour emergency lines. Since it's likely that many other houses have also been damaged by the same storm, the sooner that you can call the roofing company, the better. If your roof was damaged relatively late in the storm, don't be surprised if even the emergency roofers will be unable to your home immediately. You can try calling other roofers, but they should all say the same thing. Good roofing companies will almost always be busy, especially after a heavy storm, though they will do their best to show up within a reasonable period of time. 

Contact your insurance company: As soon as you contact a roofer, make sure to contact your insurance company to let them know that your home will be undergoing storm damage roof repair. The sooner that you can get your claim started, the easier the process will be for you. Your homeowners' insurance company should also have a 24-hour number to contact, though you may have to wait until normal business hours to fully begin the claim process. The insurance company will send an adjuster out within a day or two to survey the damage and to decide what sort of compensation you'll receive for any property damaged or destroyed within the house. They'll also typically work with your roofing company to ensure that your repairs are covered.

Take pictures of everything: The first aspect of storm damage roof repair is usually covering the damaged section of your roof with a tarp to prevent further precipitation from entering your home. Before the roofers do that, go out and take pictures of as much of your roof as possible. Do not climb on your roof, since the shingles may still be slippery with snow or rain, but standing on a dry and sturdy ladder may be fine. Also, take as many pictures as possible of any interior damage. If your insurance company later tries to deny that certain damage occurred, you'll have photographic proof to back up your claims.

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