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3 Ways To Protect Your Roof From Damage

One of the most expensive and devastating home repair projects that you can run into is a damaged roof, mostly because a damaged roof can lead to extensive damage throughout other portions of your home as well. Listed below are three ways to protect your roof from damage. 

Have A Roofer Inspect It Regularly

One of the biggest ways to protect your roof from damage is to have a roofer inspect it regularly, usually about once a year. The primary reason for this is that the roofer will be able to inspect all of the shingles and roofing tiles in order to determine if any are damaged, at which point he or she will be able to rectify the issue before the damage becomes widespread. In many cases, the damage can spread quite quickly because when shingles and roofing tiles become damaged, they are more likely to allow pests or moisture to get underneath them and start weakening the rest of the roof.

Have Your Roof Cleared Of Snow

Another important step to take in order to protect your roof from damage is to have your roof cleared of snow after a major storm. The reason for this is that snow can accumulate on your roof over the course of the winter, at which point the sheer weight of the snow could cause quite a lot of damage to your home after a particularly harsh winter. This snow accumulation can easily get heavy enough to cause extensive damage to your roof or even cause your roof to collapse entirely.

However, you do not want to try to clear your roof of the snow on your own as you could make a mistake and have many pounds of snow fall on top of you and severely injure you. Instead, consider hiring a roof repair or maintenance service to come out and clear the snow off of your roof safely.

Have Your Trees Trimmed

Finally, you will want to consider having the trees around your home and roof trimmed. The reason for this is that storms can knock heavy limbs off of the trees and onto your roof, which can shatter roof tiles or make holes in your shingles. In addition, if you have a very large tree next to your home, there is a chance that a severe storm could uproot that tree and it land on your home, doing an obscene amount of expensive damage to your home.

Contact a roofing contractor today in order to discuss what you can do to protect your roof from damage and to schedule a roof inspection. You will want to have a roofer inspect your roof regularly, have your roof cleared of snow after a major storm, and have your trees trimmed in order to protect your roof from damage.

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