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The Benefits Of Seamless Metal Roofing

Traditional roofs rely on nails and screws to keep the shingles in place. The problem with nails and screws is that they eventually rust and can come loose in a major storm. If you want to replace your traditional roof with a metal roof, you should opt for a seamless metal roof. It prevents many of the issues that traditional roofs have with fasteners. There are several additional benefits to seamless metal roofing.

Minimal Fasteners

The seamless metal roof is designed to fit the specs of your roof specifically. It is custom-made based on the measurements your roofer has taken and given the metal roof manufacturer. It is akin to a "drop-in tub" in that it fits right over your existing roof, much in the same way a drop-in tub remodel is created to fit your current bathtub and drop in and over it. Minimal fasteners are used, so that they will not come loose, and create holes for leaks into your attic.

Nowhere for Precipitation to Go

Because this type of roofing has no openings for precipitation to go, the water, ice, and snow all travels straight down to the gutters. The precipitation cannot get into or under the metal roof, which means you have greater protection for your home against water damage. As for the few fasteners used to secure the metal roof to the existing roof, most of the fasteners are along the edges, close to the gutters, where water is more likely to end up in the gutters rather than under the roofing materials.

No Roof Tear-Down

Usually, when you install a new roof on your home, the old roof is torn down and hauled off in dumpsters. With seamless metal roofing, your old roof stays intact. This means that there is less labor costs and the roof is completed much faster and with less debris. The old roof also acts as a non-slip grid for the metal roof, which is another reason why you need so few fasteners.

Never Another Roof Repair

Seamless metal roofs are guaranteed against all damage. You will never need to repair your metal roof, unless a tornado or hurricane smashes your home to bits. Even then, metal roofing has shown to withstand some pretty intense storm forces. This means that once your seamless metal roof is installed, you may never have another roof repair or complete roof replacement ever again.

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