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Go Gutterless With Rain Chains

Give your home something a little more aesthetically-appealing than gutters by installing rain chains! Rain chains serve the same purpose as gutters, which is to guide water off your home's roof and away from the walls and foundation of the structure.

Some things to know about rain chains include the following:

The Asian history. Rain chains have a unique history, originating in Japanese temples. These have been used for centuries, on all types of structures, to gently pull water from the roof and away from houses, businesses, and religious temples. These have a stylish appearance which is far more appealing than conventional gutter troughs.

The right length. There are variable lengths available in chains, so choose what you like best. Shorter ones may sprinkle water from the bottom that appears almost like a water feature, while longer chains will bring the water directly to the ground to be absorbed in the earth. The size of your building and the number of levels is another factor to be considered when buying rain chains, as longer ones may work better for large homes.

Where rain chains belong. You want to position the chains along the same area where you might have a vertical gutter trough and downspout. These fit easily under eaves and on the corners of porches, dangling down in an alluring and stylish way. These should dangle above the ground- at any chosen length- as long as they don't actually touch or pool on the ground below.

Select something ornamental. If you are going to invest in rain chains, consider some of the ornamental options available to you. Some rain chains are made from different metals, like copper, or feature molded cups or figures along the length; others may offer an attractive patina that could meld well with other aspects of your home's curb appeal. Check out the wide selection of rain chains online for the broadest range of buying options.

Easy to maintain Rain chains are easier to maintain than traditional gutter systems, as there is no need to clear or wash the chains as you would a gutter. There is no need for a downspout or drain, which makes rain chains an effortless way to remove water away from the house and prevent potential water damage during storms, precipitation, and spring thaws.

Find cool rain chains at home improvement and hardware stores, or online. Choose chains that fit your home's size, style, and structure, and use these tips to make informed buying decisions. Check with a company like Molloy Roofing Co for more details.

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roofing questions answered

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