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Want Your Kids To Keep Believing In Santa? How Hiring A Roofer Can Help

There comes a time in every child's life where Santa does not exist anymore. Some children keep the faith and continue to believe, but others grow sullen in their disbelief. If you want your children to keep believing in Santa, a roofer can help. Here is how.

Step 1: Hire a Roofer to Work on Your Roof for a Simple Odd Job in December

As long as the roofer is doing something with your roof and getting paid to do it, he or she may play along. Salting your roof, loading rock salt into the eavestroughs, and securing loose shingles all work. Just make sure that he/she knows that you are also asking him/her to pretend to be Santa while working.

Step 2: Schedule the Repair Appointment for Late in the Afternoon

In winter, it gets darker sooner. This is perfect, especially if you managed to get an appointment after 5pm in December. Ask the roofer to park his/her truck down the block so that your kids do not see it when they look outside to see Santa.

Step 3: Plan Ahead and Position the Ladder out of Sight

As the roofer works on the roof, make sure his/her access ladder is out of sight. You do not want to give anything away while trying to encourage your kids to believe in Santa again. There are probably a couple of good blind spots around the house where a ladder outside cannot be seen from a window.

Step 4: Ask Your Roofer to Jingle Some Bells

While your roofing contractor works on the small stuff on your roof, ask him/her if he/she would not mind jingling some sleigh bells while he/she is up there. You may either get a weird look or you may get a twinkling smile and nod. Hire the contractor that is A) best suited for the job and B) thinks this bell jingling and Santa pretend is the fun idea.

Step 5: Salt Your Roof to Prevent Ice Dams and Sound Like Reindeer Pawing

Finally, if you are not sure exactly what service you can hire a roofer for in December, consider the fact that sprinkling rock salt on the roof to prevent ice dams sounds like anxious reindeer wanting to take off. You prevent ice from building up and wreaking havoc on the roof, and your kids may just actually begin to believe in Santa all over again.

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