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How To Repair Termite Damage On Wooden Roofs

The wooden components on the roof of your home need some constant TLC over the years if you want to protect them from termites. Whether you are working on your roof line, shingles, or fascia boards, it is important that you take preventative measures. You want to fix the problem before your wood becomes so damaged that it leads to structural issues. This article explains the best way to patch termite holes in wood. Learning this technique can be extremely useful because you can efficiently repair wood throughout your roof and home exterior.

Prep is Key

Preparing your damaged area is very important. Before you start to patch any termite holes or rotting, you want to create a surface that is easier to patch. Often, termite holes have a small hole that hides a much larger cavity inside. If you just patch the hole, the cavity will remain and your wood will still be jeopardized. So, the prep work often requires a little bit of destruction. That is, you might need to create a bigger hole that you originally had. This also makes it easier to patch. Using a chisel, you can scrape out the hole and knock away wood splinters. If your hole is big enough, you can use a sander to smooth it out. Sponge sanders work best in tight areas. The aim is to smooth out the surface enough that the wood patch will be able to adhere to it.

Patching the Hole

Patching the hole is a process that will require some patience and craftiness. It will probably require a few coats of patching. In between each coat, you need to sand away the excess patch. Since you need to wait for each coat to dry before sanding, it can be a time-consuming job. But, it is better to over fill the hole and then sand it down once it is dry. During the sanding, you will basically be molding and shaping the patch to match the wood lines. This is obviously harder on decorative molding and areas where the wood is curved. Flat surfaces are much easier to patch.

Priming and Painting the Patch

To finish the job, you need to prime and paint the patched area. On most wooden pieces, it is better to just paint the whole thing, not just the patched spot. Otherwise, you run the risk of having mismatched paint, even if you used the same paint color and can. The sun will most likely cause the old color to fade. So, by repainting the entire piece of wood, you can freshen up and brighten your paint color. Click here to learn more about roofing replacement

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