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Revealing Big Secrets On How To Prolong The Life Of An Aging Shingle Roof

With enough luck, you could see an asphalt shingle roof last through a couple of decades. However, once your shingle roof starts to near the end of its lifespan, you are bound to notice a few problems. If you are considering a new roof but haven't quite got enough money for the project, you will undoubtedly be looking to prolong the life of your aging shingle roof for as long as possible. While you are waiting for the day to come when you can get a new roof, there are a few big secrets you should know that can prolong the life of the old shingle roof you have right now.

Tack down loose shingles as soon as they become evident.

With a little straight line wind or a good storm, your old shingle roof can easily show its age in the form of shingles that are flipped up or torn halfway out of place. Instead of just leaving these shingles as they are, it is best to climb up on the roof and tack them down with a nail or two. Because of the way asphalt shingles are installed, if the wind catches one loose shingle, there is a good chance that several shingles will come up with it.

Repair missing and broken metal flashing.

The metal flashing that trims out the roof in vulnerable areas, such as around the chimney or at eaves and overhangs, is highly important to the longevity of your whole roofing system. If these pieces are missing or damaged, they can allow water to slip beneath the shingles, which can not only cause your roof to leak, but also your shingles to deteriorate even faster. Therefore, if you spot metal flashing pieces that are missing or damaged go ahead and replace them or re-attach them with a staple gun.

Coat your roof with a liquid roofing polymer.

Liquid roofing polymer is a great product to use on old asphalt shingle roofs because it works to seal damaged, cracked, and deteriorating shingles to ward off moisture. This solution is easy to apply, and can be purchased in a roll-on form or in a spray, so pretty much anyone can use it. It is not uncommon for roofing professionals to give an aging roof a good coat of the polymer to prolong its life, but it is also commonly used on new roofs as an added layer of protection.

For more information or assistance, look for roof repair by Power Roofing or any other reputable roofing contractors in your area.

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