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Prepare Your Roof For The Summer With These 3 Tips

Winter snows and spring showers can be rough on your roof, and it can be difficult to inspect your roof for any less-than-obvious damage during harsh weather. Now that the summer months have arrived and the weather is more agreeable, it's time to check out your roof and find out if you need to have any work done over the summer. Take a look at a few tips that can help you ensure that your roof is in great shape this season.

Check for Moss and Algae

Your roof is a prime location for fungal growth like moss and algae, particularly if you've had a warm, wet spring. The growth may look like streaks of black mold, and you may be able to see it from the ground with binoculars.

Algae and moss aren't especially harmful to your roof, but they don't look great either. The cheapest way to get rid of the stains is to use a solution of half bleach and half water in a spray washer and spray it on to the stained areas. Just be sure to cover any plants underneath your roof before you spray – plants don't care for bleach. Rinse the area well with water when you're done.

Check For Loose Shingles

Shingles can be loosened by the weight of snow on the roof or by particularly harsh storms. If you have many loose or missing shingles on your roof, you should hire a professional roofer to do the repairs. However, if it's just a few shingles, you can do the repairs yourself.

Make sure that you do the work on a warm, dry afternoon – you never want to climb on the roof when it's wet. All you need is a pry bar to remove damaged shingles, a hammer, a handful of roofing nails, and a few new shingles.

Check the Flashing

While you're on the roof, it's a good idea to check the state of your flashing. The flashing is the metal strips that you'll find around the chimney, the vents, and the ridge of the roof. Like shingles, these strips can come loose during the winter or spring, especially if you have had harsh storms.

Unlike the shingles, the flashing is best left to professionals to fix. If you notice any loose pieces, contact a roofing business in your area right away. If you wait until the strips deteriorate or fall off completely, you'll end up needing far more expensive repairs.

Remember to always keep your safety in mind when inspecting or repairing any part of your roof. If you're afraid of heights, or if you don't have a steady ladder and other safety equipment, do yourself a favor and arrange for a professional roof inspection this summer. 

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