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The Benefits Of Three Different Coatings For Metal Roofs

Many homeowners decide to go with metal roofing because it’s very durable and will last longer than common alternatives like asphalt shingles. Not only are metal roofs fire resistant but they can also withstand harsh weather conditions. In order to make your metal roof more versatile than it already is, you can apply a coating to the surface. If you were not aware of what metal roof coatings do, here are three different coatings and the benefits they provide. Waterproof Roof Coating Leaks will happen in any type of roof, and metal is not an exception to the rule. One way to add protection to your roof is by using a waterproof roof coating, which is also called an elastomeric roof coating. Once applied, the material becomes a rubberized and durable coating that will assist with sealing your home’s roof and help prevent it from cracking. A waterproof roof coating is easy to put on, so most homeowners can do it without the help of a professional. It can easily get an additional 10-20 years out of your roof, and the coating can be reapplied once it wears off. Anti-Rust Roof Coating One issue with metal roofs is that they can rust over time if they are not maintained. Rust will cause holes to form and cause water to get into your home. Thankfully, an anti-rust roof coating is inexpensive and stops the corrosion process from happening. The coating works by using rust inhibitors. It stops rust from spreading and will stop rust from occurring in areas that are not already damaged. An anti-rust roof coating dries quickly and is also easy to put on your roof. Your roof will also remain flame-resistant after applying the coating. Heat-Reflective Roof Coating Metal roofs tend to absorb a lot of heat, especially if you do not treat the surface appropriately. There are heat-reflective roof coatings that help solve this problem for you. They use a paint that is highly reflective and will help keep your cooling costs low. A heat-reflective roof coating can save as much as 30% on your energy bills and cut down on maintenance costs. Now that you are aware of some benefits of different metal roof coatings, you can make an informed decision about using one for your home. If you need help installing one, contact a local roofer in your area that can do it for you.

Developing A Rain Collection System With Your Roofing Plumber

Rain water collecting is an ideal option if you want to keep your water bill low, but still want a full-size garden. With the right placement of drainage, barrels, and even a few irrigation systems, you can collect a large amount of water easily. The trick is that this takes more than just a barrel and a run-off location. You need a professional roofing plumber if you want it done right. Here are some tips to developing a rain collection system for your exterior with your roofing plumber to achieve the results you need. Quantity Decisions The first step in developing a rain collection system for your exterior landscape is to have an idea of the amount of water you need. Since most of your measurements will be done based on water collection barrel size, you will need a rough estimation to determine how many containers you’ll need. You can do this by using one gallon, one liter, or other measurement. Fill it with water and water your garden while keeping track of much water you use in the process. This will tell you how much you need daily. Remember, when you’re choosing the quantity, you should consider how it will affect the look of your exteriors, both in landscaping and in roofing. Type of System There are several types of rain water collecting systems you can have your roof plumber install for you. The most common, and simplest design, is to create a run-off gutter system that feeds into well-placed rain collection barrels. You can start with one barrel to test the waters and see if this option is something you want to expand on. Your roofing plumber can help you determine the best location for the barrel and help you expand the system. If you want a larger system that leads into an irrigation system, discuss your options with your roofing plumber. Repairs and Upgrades If you want a high-quality gutter to rainwater collection system, or if you want to extend your current system, you may need to complete some repairs or upgrades. For example, your existing gutter system may have areas with rust or wear. Upgrading or repairing this system can help rain water flow easier and more freely to the collection barrel. Talk to a roofing plumber, one like Onit Roofing & Exteriors Inc, and work with them to complete any repairs or upgrades that may be […]