Roofing Questions Answered

Revealing Big Secrets On How To Prolong The Life Of An Aging Shingle Roof

With enough luck, you could see an asphalt shingle roof last through a couple of decades. However, once your shingle roof starts to near the end of its lifespan, you are bound to notice a few problems. If you are considering a new roof but haven’t quite got enough money for the project, you will undoubtedly be looking to prolong the life of your aging shingle roof for as long as possible. While you are waiting for the day to come when you can get a new roof, there are a few big secrets you should know that can prolong the life of the old shingle roof you have right now. Tack down loose shingles as soon as they become evident. With a little straight line wind or a good storm, your old shingle roof can easily show its age in the form of shingles that are flipped up or torn halfway out of place. Instead of just leaving these shingles as they are, it is best to climb up on the roof and tack them down with a nail or two. Because of the way asphalt shingles are installed, if the wind catches one loose shingle, there is a good chance that several shingles will come up with it. Repair missing and broken metal flashing. The metal flashing that trims out the roof in vulnerable areas, such as around the chimney or at eaves and overhangs, is highly important to the longevity of your whole roofing system. If these pieces are missing or damaged, they can allow water to slip beneath the shingles, which can not only cause your roof to leak, but also your shingles to deteriorate even faster. Therefore, if you spot metal flashing pieces that are missing or damaged go ahead and replace them or re-attach them with a staple gun. Coat your roof with a liquid roofing polymer. Liquid roofing polymer is a great product to use on old asphalt shingle roofs because it works to seal damaged, cracked, and deteriorating shingles to ward off moisture. This solution is easy to apply, and can be purchased in a roll-on form or in a spray, so pretty much anyone can use it. It is not uncommon for roofing professionals to give an aging roof a good coat of the polymer to prolong its life, but it is also commonly used on new roofs as an added […]

Answering 3 Questions About Tile Roofing

If you live in an older home, it will likely be necessary for you to have the roof replaced at some point. While this is a fairly routine type of work to have done, it is common for new homeowners to be inexperienced with this task. Luckily, replacing your roof can be an excellent opportunity to upgrade to more durable or aesthetically pleasing options. To this end, tile can be an excellent option, but if you have never lived in a home with tile, you may benefit from learning these answers to common tile roofing questions. How Do You Maintain Tile Roofing? There is a common concern among some people that tile roofing will be exceedingly difficult to maintain. However, you might be relieved to learn that this is not actually the case, and tile roofing is actually one of the least maintenance intensive roofing options. Outside of keeping the gutters clean, you will simply need to have the roof sealed and cleaned on a regular basis. This will help to remove moss and other plants that may damage the tile or cause unsightly discolorations. Is Tile Roofing An Energy-Efficient Option? In addition to being a low maintenance option, tile can also be a highly energy-efficient roofing option. The tiles are composed of thick concrete or slate, and these materials will help to insulate the interior of the building against heat gain. However, you can further enhance the energy efficiency of this type of roof by having it sealed with a coating that will reflect the sun’s ultraviolet rays and heat. Lastly, you could have the tile painted white as this would also reflect much of the heat while also giving your home an aesthetically pleasing roof. Can Any Home Have Tile Roofing Installed? Some individuals may enjoy the appearance of tile, but they might be concerned about having it installed on an older home. Tile roofing can be extremely heavy, and if your home was not designed to have this type of roof, you may assume that it will not be able to support this weight. However, you should be relieved to learn that it is possible to reinforce most roofs so that they can support this roofing option. In order to do this, a contractor will need to install a series of support beams in the attic. These beams will help to better distribute the weight of the tile […]

Four Improvements That Can Help Your Flat Roof Be More Durable And Energy Efficient

In the design of modern buildings, flat roofs are a common solution for an affordable roof. They can also be the cause of problems with standing water and other issues. If you have a flat roof with conventional asphalt and gravel, you may want to know how it can be improved. You can do things like foam patching or replace it with membrane to make it more durable and energy efficient. Here are some of the things that you can do to improve your flat roof and get more life out of it while saving energy: 1. Sealing A Leaking Roof With Polyurethane Sealing If you have a leaking roof, sometimes, finding the cause can be difficult. Polyurethane spray by cozifoam can be used to patch these leaks and ensure that there are not spots that get missed. It can be a great solution to get hard to find leaks that come back and continue to cause water problems in a building. 2. Replacing Conventional Asphalt With A Roof Membrane Conventional asphalt roofing can cause many problems with leaks. It can also be costly to have replaced. If you are ready to have a new roof installed, you may want to consider having a roofing membrane installed. Roofing membranes can be a good lightweight solution for your roof, which can also help provide energy efficiency. They can have a rigid foam underlayment that can help to reduce heat loss in colder climates as well. 3. Installing An Insulated Foam Roof For Improved Energy Efficiency Insulated foam roofing is another solution that you may want to consider for your roof. This is a spray foam roof that is applied in layers and has a finished sealed layer. This can give your roof many benefits, such as ample insulation, as well as a roofing material that is easy to maintain and repair. It will also have fewer problems with leaks. 4. Improve Drainage With Foam Roofing Solutions To Divert Water You may also want to consider improvements for the drainage of your roof. With flat roofs, there can often be water-traps where water puddles on roofs. This can be corrected using spray foam to create features on your roof to direct the drainage of water and prevent puddling on the roof. These are some of the improvements that you can have done to your flat roof to get more life out of […]

Three Advantages Of Architectural Shingles

Several decades ago, if you wanted a shingled roof, you had one choice: 3-tab shingles. Now, those 3-tab shingles are starting to decrease in popularity, and another style of shingles, known as architectural shingles, are becoming quite common. These shingles feature non-uniformly shaped tabs and a more varied look. If you’re considering getting a new roof, you may be wondering why this type of shingles is so popular. The answer is: they offer a lot of advantages over traditional 3-tab shingles. They last longer. Nobody likes having to put a new roof on their home. Doing so is costly and time-consuming. Architectural shingles last longer than standard 3-tab shingles, meaning that you won’t have to deal with another roof replacement as soon. Most architectural shingles last at least 30 years and some even have warranties up to 50 years. Compare this to the 20-year lifespan of 3-tab shingles and architectural shingles look like a pretty good investment, even though they do cost marginally more. They raise the value of your home. Homes with architectural shingles typically have a higher resale value than those with 3-tab shingles. There are two primary reasons for this. First, the architectural shingles have a more upscale, modern look, which is valued by home buyers. When potential home buyers see them on the outside of the home, they are more likely to assume that the previous owner chose the best materials throughout the home and took great care of it. Second, home buyers often know that architectural shingles last longer. Seeing those shingles gives them a sense of stability; they are confident that they won’t have to replace the roof as soon. They have a more “natural” look. The current trend towards “going green” and choosing eco-friendly materials has led to homeowners seeking not only more natural materials for their homes, but also materials that look more rustic and natural. Architectural shingles resemble cedar shakes, so they give a home a more “natural” look, which is trendy, without the maintenance hassles involved with real natural materials like wooden shakes. If you’re getting a new roof, spending a bit more to get architectural shingles, rather than 3-tab shingles, is likely worth it. Your home will have a more desirable appearance, your resale value will increase, and your roof will last a longer time. Talk to a roofing contractor to learn more about the specific benefits architectural shingles can […]

How To Install Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are designed to be installed on an already existing gutter and drainage system and provide a barrier to keep out sticks and other debris from building up in your gutters. If detritus is allowed to build up in your gutters, it can allow for ice to build up along the edge of your roof. This means that water will be held up on your roof for longer periods of time, increasing the risk of water damage and mold development in your roof and attic. Thankfully, installing gutter guards is a fairly simple process that you can complete yourself in just a few minutes, and it will save you repair bills in the future. Before You Begin You’ll need a ladder, a pair of gloves, tin snips, roofing nails, a hammer, a speed square, and the gutter guards, all of which are available at most hardware stores if you do not already own them. You may also want to have a helper spotting you while you’re on the ladder to ensure your safety. Installing Gutter Guards Use the ladder to get up to the gutters and clean them out, throwing out all of the debris so that it does not get stuck underneath the guards. You should also check for any signs of damage in your gutters that may need to be repaired before you install the guards. You can check the integrity of your gutter system by running water through the gutters from a garden hose to find any holes or blockages. Once the gutter is clear, go back to the start and begin installing the gutter guards. The guards have a clip on one end that fit over the outer edge of your gutters. Slide the other end of the gutter guard underneath your shingles as far as it will go, and then use the hammer and roofing nails to secure it in place. Once a single section of gutter guard has been installed, move on to the next one. Overlap the sections so that twigs and other narrow pieces of debris cannot find a seam to slip in through. For any corners that may come about, measure that angle using the speed square, and then mark the angle along the gutter guard. Once you’ve marked the angle, use the tin snips to cut the guards appropriately. It may not be possible to overlap the guards that […]

Prepare Your Roof For The Summer With These 3 Tips

Winter snows and spring showers can be rough on your roof, and it can be difficult to inspect your roof for any less-than-obvious damage during harsh weather. Now that the summer months have arrived and the weather is more agreeable, it’s time to check out your roof and find out if you need to have any work done over the summer. Take a look at a few tips that can help you ensure that your roof is in great shape this season. Check for Moss and Algae Your roof is a prime location for fungal growth like moss and algae, particularly if you’ve had a warm, wet spring. The growth may look like streaks of black mold, and you may be able to see it from the ground with binoculars. Algae and moss aren’t especially harmful to your roof, but they don’t look great either. The cheapest way to get rid of the stains is to use a solution of half bleach and half water in a spray washer and spray it on to the stained areas. Just be sure to cover any plants underneath your roof before you spray – plants don’t care for bleach. Rinse the area well with water when you’re done. Check For Loose Shingles Shingles can be loosened by the weight of snow on the roof or by particularly harsh storms. If you have many loose or missing shingles on your roof, you should hire a professional roofer to do the repairs. However, if it’s just a few shingles, you can do the repairs yourself. Make sure that you do the work on a warm, dry afternoon – you never want to climb on the roof when it’s wet. All you need is a pry bar to remove damaged shingles, a hammer, a handful of roofing nails, and a few new shingles. Check the Flashing While you’re on the roof, it’s a good idea to check the state of your flashing. The flashing is the metal strips that you’ll find around the chimney, the vents, and the ridge of the roof. Like shingles, these strips can come loose during the winter or spring, especially if you have had harsh storms. Unlike the shingles, the flashing is best left to professionals to fix. If you notice any loose pieces, contact a roofing business in your area right away. If you wait until the strips deteriorate or […]

Choosing An Affordable Roof

The roof of your home is a hugely important element. Fundamentally, a roof is meant to keep the elements out, but a roof can also have an important impact on the character of your home. A roof can also have a huge impact on cost. Thus, when you choose a roof for your home, you need to make a careful, judicious choice. Choosing a Roof for Looks Choosing a beautiful roof hinges on two main factors: the way it complements the look of your house and how unique it is. A metal roof can look equally at home on a modern-themed house or a rustic cabin. On the other hand, putting cedar shingles on a sleek, modern home can make your whole house look out of joint. If your home just blends into the background of your neighborhood, you really don’t have curb appeal. Your roof can help your home to stand out, but you want to make sure that your roof blends with your home so that your home stands out in a good way.  Weather Resistance Soft materials like asphalt shingles are susceptible to weather damage. Wind can rip shingles away from your home, hail can poke holes, and the sun can bake away the volatiles making them brittle and susceptible to cracking. Metal roofs can last for hundreds of years. Slate tiles and wooden shingles can also be impressively durable. Roofing your home with one of these materials can provide you protection even during the most inclement weather. Cost When you buy a roof, it is easy to focus on the initial cost. A wiser approach to buying a roof is to consider future costs such as repair, maintenance, and replacement costs. While asphalt shingles are one of the least expensive roofing materials on the market, they can add costs down the road. Finding a beautiful, weather resistant roof can add value to your home and provide a shelter from high costs down the road.  Rather than treat buying a roof as a necessary evil, a smart homeowner will treat a roof as an integral part of a home’s design scheme. You may think that you can get away with a bland roofing choice because your roof is mostly out of sight, but choosing a premium roofing material can dress up your home and add some durability and longevity that will help you to cut costs down the […]

The Benefits Of Three Different Coatings For Metal Roofs

Many homeowners decide to go with metal roofing because it’s very durable and will last longer than common alternatives like asphalt shingles. Not only are metal roofs fire resistant but they can also withstand harsh weather conditions. In order to make your metal roof more versatile than it already is, you can apply a coating to the surface. If you were not aware of what metal roof coatings do, here are three different coatings and the benefits they provide. Waterproof Roof Coating Leaks will happen in any type of roof, and metal is not an exception to the rule. One way to add protection to your roof is by using a waterproof roof coating, which is also called an elastomeric roof coating. Once applied, the material becomes a rubberized and durable coating that will assist with sealing your home’s roof and help prevent it from cracking. A waterproof roof coating is easy to put on, so most homeowners can do it without the help of a professional. It can easily get an additional 10-20 years out of your roof, and the coating can be reapplied once it wears off. Anti-Rust Roof Coating One issue with metal roofs is that they can rust over time if they are not maintained. Rust will cause holes to form and cause water to get into your home. Thankfully, an anti-rust roof coating is inexpensive and stops the corrosion process from happening. The coating works by using rust inhibitors. It stops rust from spreading and will stop rust from occurring in areas that are not already damaged. An anti-rust roof coating dries quickly and is also easy to put on your roof. Your roof will also remain flame-resistant after applying the coating. Heat-Reflective Roof Coating Metal roofs tend to absorb a lot of heat, especially if you do not treat the surface appropriately. There are heat-reflective roof coatings that help solve this problem for you. They use a paint that is highly reflective and will help keep your cooling costs low. A heat-reflective roof coating can save as much as 30% on your energy bills and cut down on maintenance costs. Now that you are aware of some benefits of different metal roof coatings, you can make an informed decision about using one for your home. If you need help installing one, contact a local roofer in your area that can do it for you.

Developing A Rain Collection System With Your Roofing Plumber

Rain water collecting is an ideal option if you want to keep your water bill low, but still want a full-size garden. With the right placement of drainage, barrels, and even a few irrigation systems, you can collect a large amount of water easily. The trick is that this takes more than just a barrel and a run-off location. You need a professional roofing plumber if you want it done right. Here are some tips to developing a rain collection system for your exterior with your roofing plumber to achieve the results you need. Quantity Decisions The first step in developing a rain collection system for your exterior landscape is to have an idea of the amount of water you need. Since most of your measurements will be done based on water collection barrel size, you will need a rough estimation to determine how many containers you’ll need. You can do this by using one gallon, one liter, or other measurement. Fill it with water and water your garden while keeping track of much water you use in the process. This will tell you how much you need daily. Remember, when you’re choosing the quantity, you should consider how it will affect the look of your exteriors, both in landscaping and in roofing. Type of System There are several types of rain water collecting systems you can have your roof plumber install for you. The most common, and simplest design, is to create a run-off gutter system that feeds into well-placed rain collection barrels. You can start with one barrel to test the waters and see if this option is something you want to expand on. Your roofing plumber can help you determine the best location for the barrel and help you expand the system. If you want a larger system that leads into an irrigation system, discuss your options with your roofing plumber. Repairs and Upgrades If you want a high-quality gutter to rainwater collection system, or if you want to extend your current system, you may need to complete some repairs or upgrades. For example, your existing gutter system may have areas with rust or wear. Upgrading or repairing this system can help rain water flow easier and more freely to the collection barrel. Talk to a roofing plumber, one like Onit Roofing & Exteriors Inc, and work with them to complete any repairs or upgrades that may be […]